As an integrative, relational Psychotherapist I understand there are times when CBT techniques can be effective and productive within therapy. However this article reinforces why my head and heart are relationally based, and how therapy can be so effective when driven by the client's experience and needs. enjoy:-)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been described as the "gold standard" for psychotherapy. But CBT no longer deserves this special status…

As an integrative therapist with recent experience of working within the health board  I sometimes feel frustrated when expected to adhere to the parameters of a rigid model. For me it feels inauthentic  expecting the client to 'fit' the model, instead of being available and open to their needs. I have nothing but admiration for Psychologist Birgit Valla, the leader of a large, community mental health centre in Norway who publically announced that neither she nor her staff would employ psychiatric diagnoses or standardized treatment protocols. Instead she chose to put the client's needs first and respond accordingly, whilst still measuring outcomes - with outstanding results. Isn't this what's effective about the therapeutic relationship? After all, who are we to say we know what's best for our clients if we haven't established their needs from the beginning?

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Yes really, yet still largely unrecognised, or in other words not labelled! But not all of us want or need labels. Medical trauma is just that, something related to a medical incident that's caused us distress, resulting in complications in our day to day lives. So, it could be anything from an interaction with a medical professional, a hospital procedure that didn't go according to plan, a diagnosis that has resulted in a lack of support.....basically anything medically related that causes us to behave differently - and not in a good way - can be classed as medical trauma. The sad thing is it does exist, but it's not (yet) widely recognised in the UK. The good thing is we can do something to help. I feel privileged to be helpiing those who have recently approached me at my private practice, as well as my patients within the NHS, who also present with other trauma related issues. Thank you for having the courage to share yourselves with me. Together we can make a positive difference and help you to regain control in your life.

Post traumatic stress disorder can happen to anybody who has experienced a traumatic experience, and the effects can be frightening, isolating and debilitating to live with. Flashbacks that happen without warning, re-experiencing of the event that appears all too real, persistent nightmares and a heightened state of vigilance are common symptoms associated with PTSD, and it can be exhausting and time consuming living a life of avoidance. The good news is that help is available, and PTSD can be overcome. E-mail or phone for an appointment........ I look forward to helping you gain control back in your life.

Generating awareness of a largely unrecognised mental health condition can take time....luckily I have plenty of time as well as persistence! Medical trauma is more commonly experienced than we may think, it just remains 'nameless'.......for now. Take a look at the link and spread the word.....


Severe trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are recognised mental health issues yet medical trauma is a largely unacknowledged phenomenon which can be just as debilitating. Medical trauma focuses on anxiety and trauma which occurs from direct contact with the medical setting. Examples may be experiencing a chronic life changing illness, a life threatening diagnosis, or a routine operation that has impacted in a negative way, all leaving a fear of the hospital environment. 

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Any kind of traumatic experience is difficult enough to cope with, and often the psychological effects can be debilitating and frightening. Talking about your fears to someone who can help you, listen and understand without judgement can be empowering and powerful, giving you back a sense of control once more. Whatever traumatic situation you have found yourself in, we can help. E-mail or call me for a confidential and FREE chat with no obligation.

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