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What is medical trauma? As a  technical definition, "medical trauma is a trauma that occurs from  direct contact with the medical setting, and develops through a complex interaction between the patient, medical staff, medical environment, and the diagnostic and/or procedural experience, which can have powerful psychological impacts due to the patient’s unique interpretation of the event." (Flaum Hall, Hall, 2017). It can also be experienced by healthcare professionals, directly or vicariously.

Heart 2 Hart Healthcare Solutions has been designed with the psychological welfare of the patient in mind, from the start of the medical experience to the end, whether it be for a long term condition, accident or medical procedure. Regardless of the circumstances, anxiety is natural when coming to terms with a medical condition, acceptance of a surgical procedure, or where unexpected complications have occurred, causing recovery to be prolonged. If the prognosis is challenging, apprehension and anxiety may alternate in equal measures, meaning the balance between expectancy and fear can become overwhelming. Having somebody to share those concerns with can be a huge relief, somebody who can listen impartially and who doesn’t minimise those anxieties that can seem frighteningly real in difficult circumstances.

“I cannot thank Colette enough nor recommend her services more highly……”

Research in Wales and the UK on medical trauma is in its early stages. Colette has embarked on a collaboration with an American Professor and Clinical Psychotherapist who has been carrying out her own research into medical trauma in the US for some years, resulting in many published articles, the first known publication for mental health and health care professionals, and successful integrative interventions being used within therapy. (For more information on Dr Michelle Flaum Hall visit It is hoped that further research by Colette into medical trauma in Wales and the UK will enable her to eventually pilot a scheme within a medical environment.  Whilst healthcare professionals are experts in their medical field, their priority is first and foremost to make their patients physically well as quickly as possible, meaning their psychological needs aren't always recognised. Psychological intervention through an on-site or associated counselling service can help to calm the patient's anxieties and normalise the situation, enabling them to feel that all their needs are being met without exception. In addition, psychological interventions prior to surgery could also prevent long term development of post-traumatic and medical trauma.

The greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind, yet the mind and body are one and should not be treated separately...........  Plato.


Ref: Flaum Hall, M., Hall, S.E. (2017) Managing the Psychological Impact of Medical Trauma; A Guide for Mental Health and Health Care Professionals. NY Springer Publishing Company.

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